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Things to Consider When Reaching Out.

First, thanks for thinking about reaching out. I look forward to opinions, both positive and not so positive. Please do keep in mind that while I try to reply to everyone who asks a question, due to a high volume of emails, it’s not always possible. Before messaging me, take a look at my requests below. Following the requests will make both of our lives easier and increase the chances that you will get a satisfactory reply. Thank you.

Please, no life stories in email form. Generally speaking, the shorter your email, the more likely I am to answer your question. I love meeting and learning about new people, but I simply don’t have the time to read numerous biographies every day. (I will try, but it never works out.) If you have a problem and/or question, just get straight to it. If you are interested in coaching, let’s make an appointment, where you can tell me whatever it is that’s on your mind and we can decide together how to proceed.
If you’re selling me something, then please personalize your pitch. I grew up in the age of slide-rules, so if you are going to pitch me, then be clear about how you plan to make my site or business better. Screenshots of your work and actual statistics are the best. If all you’ve got is a crappy, copy and paste email that you send to 100 fools, then it will not even be read before it’s deleted. (Yes, it’s obvious.)
If you want relationship advice, before emailing me, first ask yourself, “What if I asked my partner just what I’m going to ask Frank?” This one question solves an amazing number of simple relationship problems. (Why pay me if you can fix it yourself, right?)
If you’d like to do a guest post, please send three or four written articles, a link to your website, and previous work. The articles really need to be original and not previously published elsewhere. Note that I rarely accept guest posts on the site. You’re still welcome to try though.
Criticism is welcome and appreciated, but please make it respectful and rational. Any sort of name-calling, arrogance, condescension or references to ideology or religious belief will be ignored and deleted. I really am always looking to make my writing better, but if you just email me calling me a bigot, or chauvinist, while making fun of my dog, I’m going to ignore you.
If you’re looking for a coach or a mentor, Yes, I’m still taking clients! Send me a note or schedule an appointment here and I will reach out to you. I hope to always be available to help.



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